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We provide multi-level ‘boxing for fitness’ training courses, designed to educate fitness professionals on how to incorporate boxing skills and padwork into a safe and effective session.

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We combine the principals of professional boxing training and functional fitness to create a unique training system, providing the instructor with the boxing knowledge required to deliver safe, fun and effective boxing for fitness sessions.

Our system can be used by all styles of trainer and adapted to suit their clientele, whether that is for 1-on-1 sessions or group classes in both Boxing and Health and Fitness environments.

Hatton Academy is the only Boxing training provider to be accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, ActiveIQ, CIMSPA and the British Boxing Board of Control.

There are three levels of the Hatton Academy courses – Fundamentals, Advanced and Elite. Fundamentals and Advanced courses are taught back-to-back, over one weekend.​

1 & 2

Fundamentals & Advanced

This practical two-day course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their boxing for fitness knowledge as part of one-to-one or group training sessions. You’ll learn correct techniques and progress right through to teaching advanced combinations as part of high intensity fitness drills, all in a packed two days of boxing for fitness training.

Day One is all about mastering the basics; an essential part of the course that will give you the knowledge and understanding to teach correct technique, combinations and drills, before progressing onto Day Two. Here you’ll learn more advanced boxing-specific skills including defence moves, advanced techniques and combinations, to improve your teaching and take your boxing for fitness sessions to the next level.

You’ll also learn targeted muscle group workouts and high intensity cardio exercises to incorporate alongside boxing combinations, as well as exercise modifications to enable you to tailor your sessions to suit your clients and/or class participants. 

What the course will teach you

Day 1
  • Correct punching and pad holding techniques
  • How to build boxing combinations
  • Boxing-based speed and power drills
  • Conduct safe boxing for fitness classes for all fitness levels
  • Identify incorrect form and advise accordingly
Day 2
  • Structure and deliver boxing for fitness sessions for more advanced abilities
  • Advanced boxing combinations and pad holding techniques
  • Defensive techniques including the slip, duck and weave
  • How to incorporate advanced exercise drills into your sessions



This is the third and final level of the Hatton Academy’s boxing training system. Our Elite course revisits the techniques from the Fundamentals and Advanced courses, building the complexity to provide the trainer with a wider technical ability, as well as a greater library of techniques to use with 1-to-1 clients.

What the course will teach you

  • Instruct and demonstrate defensive techniques
  • Incorporate defensive techniques into advanced combinations
  • Build cycle set and perpetual motion combinations
  • Identify incorrect techniques and correct accordingly
  • Teach correct technique and reduce the risk of injury

Strength and conditioning for boxing

The two-day course is designed to equip fitness professionals and coaches with an in-depth understanding of strength and conditioning for boxing. It takes an evidence-based scientific approach to dispel many of the myths that exist around training for boxing and focuses on the skills required to improve boxing at all levels. Learners will study the application of strength and conditioning exercises that are tried and tested to deliver results and improve speed, agility, strength and power. This includes:

  • Contributors to increasing punching power
  • The principals of increasing lower body force generation
  • Benefits of maximum velocity training
  • Exercises and training styles for fight preparation
  • Mechanisms of injury and pre-habilitative strategies
  • Effective exercises for force and speed development

So whether you’re a PT that wants to complement your ‘boxing for fitness’ sessions with new programming, a coach aiming to give your fighters that competitive advantage or a fitness enthusiast that wants to learn more, this course will teach you how to create tailored strength and conditioning programmes for boxing at all levels.


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