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Hatton Academy Instructor Skills

So, perhaps you’re just starting out on your coaching journey, or you’ve recently completed another Hatton Academy course, and you’re not entirely sure how best to coach, instruct and teach some of the functional exercises that will form the basis of your sessions. 

Perhaps fitness was something you used to do, and you’d like a refresher. Or maybe boxing for fitness is your side hustle – you’re good with the boxing combos but need to improve the way in which you teach an exercise; how to take a client through a logical teaching sequence. 

If any of the above apply to you, then our short, online Instructor Skills course will provide you with necessary how-to.

You’ll learn: 

In short, how to be a well-rounded, kick-ass Instructor! 

Take advantage of our launch offer and gain access to our bite-sized workshop today, improving your Instructor Skills and ensuring your knowledge is up to scratch, so you can hit the ground running!

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LAUNCH offer – Just £29

Start today and SAVE £40

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