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Take the next step as a Hatton Academy boxing for fitness instructor

Following the successful introduction of the online version of our Fundamentals and Advanced course, we’re excited to announce that the next level, our Elite boxing for fitness instructor course, will soon be available to start – and you can secure your place on the course today for just £99, a saving of £51! 

The Hatton Academy boxing for fitness Elite course is the third level of Hatton Academy’s boxing training system. Our Elite course allows you to add complexity to what you have already learnt and provides you with a wider technical ability, as well as a greater library of techniques to use with 1-to-1 clients.

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Just £99

What to expect

  • Work your way through a total of 17 bitesize lessons
  • Pause, replay and return to our videos that provide step-by-step technical guidance
  • Download our step-by-step PDF guides
  • Complete multiple-choice exams online and track your progress
  • Editable session plan templates allow you to create your own workouts

What you will learn

  • Instruct and demonstrate further defensive techniques
  • Incorporate defensive techniques into advanced combinations
  • Build cycle set and perpetual motion combinations
  • Identify incorrect techniques and correct accordingly
  • Teach correct technique and reduce the risk of injury


Do I need to have completed the Fundamentals and Advanced course before taking the Elite course?

Yes. In order to undertake the Elite course, you need to have passed the Fundamentals and Advanced levels. However, if you’re in the currently in process of completing your Fundamentals & Advanced course online, or have a live date booked, you can still take advantage of the pre-sale offer, and just begin once you have completed your Fundamentals & Advanced course.

Can I do the Elite course online if I have completed the live Fundamentals and Advanced course?

Absolutely. No matter whether you have completed the online or live version of the Fundamentals and Advanced course, you can progress onto the Elite course online.

Are there any additional Team Hatton Instructor Member benefits if you are an Elite instructor?

There are. As well as having access to digital versions of the Elite manual and course content, you will be entitled to use the Hatton Academy Elite Certified Instructor logo on your marketing materials and clothing and will benefit from regularly updated elite level session plans.

Don't just take our word for it...

Hear from Craig Badley who became a certified Hatton Academy Instructor by completing our Fundamentals and Advanced online course in Saudi Arabia.

  • Teaches boxing for fitness in Spain
  • Completed the course whilst in Saudi Arabia
  • Quick and helpful feedback from Master Trainers
  • Very easy and straightforward online platform
  • Simple and professionally delivered tutorial videos
  • Didn't need to be in a gym to complete the course
  • Learnt new skills, improved existing skills

“It’s a great course. It’s a great use of modern technology.”

Buy the course today

Just £99

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