A flexible and convenient route to qualification


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Hatton Boxing’s globally-recognised Fundamentals and Advanced combined course is now available in an online format – meaning you can now become a Certified Instructor while negating the need to travel and take time out of your busy schedule, yet still retain the all-important one-to-one feedback from our Master Trainers.
Having trained over 10,000 instructors since launching our practical courses in 2006, we have now fully integrated both the practical and theory-based elements of our courses into an effective, easy-to-use online platform. 
You will be able to work through our educational videos and content at your own pace, take your online assessments and upload your progress videos as and when you feel comfortable, meaning your learning is tailored to your schedule.
  • Work your way through a total of 57 bitesize lessons that make up the combined course
  • Pause, replay and return to our videos that provide step-by-step technical guidance
  • Download our step-by-step PDF guides
  • Complete multiple choice exams online and track your progress
  • Download editable session plan templates and create your own workouts
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Take our online course for £199 – save £100! Use code INTRO199

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Hear from Craig Badley who became a certified Hatton Academy Instructor by completing our online course in Saudi Arabia.

Hatton Academy Fundamentals and Advanced online course
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A flexible and convenient route to qualification


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