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A bitesized course that will give you an insight into the skills required to deliver boxing for fitness classes.

Have you ever wondered what role boxing could play in your personal training sessions, how best to implement it, or even how to get started?

Well, wonder no more! The Hatton Academy’s brand-new online training course: Getting Fit, Not Hit; Boxing’s Role in Fitness Training, offers you a ringside seat as we cover all of the above, and tell you exactly what the benefits are, all while contributing some vitally important dos and don’ts!

You’ll learn the importance of technique vs. intensity, and which common mistakes and misunderstandings often undermine a good pad session.

Led by our expert Master Trainers, you’ll begin to understand your role as a pad-holder, how the biomechanics of punching can benefit your clients, and how to make your boxing for fitness workouts appeal to the masses!

What this course will teach you:

  • The role boxing has for a personal trainer
  • The importance of technique vs. intensity
  • The biomechanics of a punch and how this benefits your clients
  • How to structure sessions
  • Pad-holding: why it’s important and the most common mistakes we see

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