Can you really learn pad-holding online?

In a word – yes!

If it’s done properly, it is entirely feasible that you can learn how to safely and effectively pad-hold from your own home – and in a timeframe that suits you.

Here’s a little bit about how we do it, and the methods we use to ensure you acquire the necessary skill set.

Since 2008, we have trained thousands of people to become Boxing for Fitness Instructors, using credible and authentic boxing techniques. Yet, like many a great boxer, we also learned to adapt.

In 2019, we became one of the first such operators in the world to launch our certification platform online. We recognise now, as we did then, that there are potential Boxing for Fitness Instructors out there who are unable to attend our live courses.

Perhaps the dates don’t suit, you can’t afford to take the days away from running your fitness business, or you live abroad. Maybe learning as part of a large group isn’t an effective scenario for you, or a global pandemic has turned the world on its head!

Whatever the reason, we set about designing a way in which people could still learn, and still earn a certification, despite these mitigating factors, and in 2019 we launched the Hatton Academy Fundamentals & Advanced combined course online.

Over a period of months, we had broken down the instructional elements of our course into a series of videos, which are expertly delivered by our experienced Master Trainers, before integrating them into a simple, easy to use online platform.

True – watching videos doesn’t count for anything if you don’t understand them, so we also ask you a series of multiple-choice questions to ensure you have acquired the level of understanding necessary to progress.

As for the practical element, we’ll then ask you to practice and display the techniques we have demonstrated and instructed via the videos, before uploading your own assessment footage.

Our Master Trainers (you will be appointed your own Master Trainer to guide you through the online course) will then watch your videos, and provide you with personalised, 1-2-1 feedback, as well as being on hand to answer your questions and offer advice throughout the course of your certification.

This level of interaction allows us to retain the credibility required to certify people as competent Boxing for Fitness Instructors, and if you’re unable to attend a live course for whatever reason, provides you with a feasible alternative route to certification!

Don't just take our word for it...

Hear from Craig Badley who became a certified Hatton Academy Instructor by completing our online course in Saudi Arabia.

“It’s a great course. It’s a great use of modern technology.”

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