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Strength & conditioning for boxing

Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness

Developed by experienced coaches at the Hatton Academy, the new two-day course is designed to equip fitness professionals and coaches with an in-depth understanding of strength and conditioning for boxing

The course takes an evidence-based scientific approach to dispel many of the myths that exist around training for boxing and focuses on the skills required to improve boxing at all levels.

The course also uses a combination of practical and theory study, so learners will not only gain a detailed knowledge of each exercise, but importantly, learn how to implement these as part of a comprehensive strength and conditioning programme.

So whether you’re a PT that wants to complement your ‘boxing for fitness’ sessions with new programming, a coach aiming to give your fighters that competitive advantage or a fitness enthusiast that wants to learn more, this course will teach you how to create tailored strength and conditioning programmes for boxing at all levels.

What the course will teach you

Learners will study the application of strength and conditioning exercises that are tried and tested to deliver results and improve speed, agility, strength and power. This includes:

The role of strength and conditioning in boxing

Like most disciplines, the physical preparation training for boxing involves a lot more than many might think.

Any good strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer should be drawing upon evidence from published research to support the assessing, planning and implementation of training programmes for athletes bespoke to their sport.

In boxing, there’s surprisingly little research to use from the professional world; what is available comes from amateur competition. So, we need to pull together key principles and understanding from other sports too, to provide the justification for specific training approaches.

Why is lower body strength and power so crucial in boxing? What are the most important fitness qualities for fighters? How can you improve injury prevention? And what do we mean by sport-specific metabolic conditioning and periodisation of strength and conditioning preparation?

Covering a broad range of topics, this course will support informed coaches who train fighters, personal trainers who work with clients and fitness professionals that want to gain a deeper insight into sports-specific training.

Upcoming strength & conditioning course dates

Whilst we have our sights set on safely re-introducing live course dates in the not-too-distant future, due to the Government restrictions in place, we are unable to offer live dates at the moment. You can become certified from your own home with our Fundamentals and Advanced online course, or take the step up to the next level and become an Elite Instructor.

Are you interested in completing a Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness course?