Online Training: A Spark to Ignite the Light at the End of the Tunnel

By Dickie Hewitt

Even prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic that has plunged much of the world into a period of instability, industries have been searching for ways in which they can react to a market, and indeed a society, that is constantly evolving at such a pace that it can leave those unprepared or unable to adjust by the wayside. 

The power of Digital and Online platforms to help us navigate our way through the current state of flux cannot be underestimated. In a world becoming ever more receptive to such platforms as a way to streamline education, business and lifestyle, those that are able to harness its power and channel it into a positive way of improving one of, if not all three of the aforementioned areas may find opportunity in the impending periods of quarantine, isolation and lockdown.

Mindset is clearly key, and while there will be those that find solace in a Netflix binge and/or video games (also a shout out to all the meme creators that will keep us laughing satirically), those that are able to utilise enforced downtime as a tool for self-improvement could create, let alone see, the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Corona Virus could prove a catalyst for a shift in the way many businesses operate, as those that are able to begin to invest in methods that allow their staff to work remotely. Virtual meetings, while already the norm in some companies and industries, will emanate outwardly and grow, and thus become integral to the functionality of those previous reluctant to embrace innovative new methods, until they became vital for survival in the immediate future. 

In the same way, online training has operated in the fitness space for some time now, despite a thorough disinclination of certain types of learners to engage. As time has passed, so the credibility of online training and education has increased. In the current climate, there will be those who embark upon it purely as a sojourn until a return to the norm is established, there will be those who embark upon it for the first time, and there will be those already sold on it for reasons as plentiful as negating the need to travel and take time out of busy schedules, and being able to manipulate and personalise qualification timeframes in a manner that suits. 

Having analysed and researched the main objections of prospects that chose not to attend live training courses, Hatton Boxing launched its Fundamentals & Advanced course in an online format late last year, and immediately recognised a positive reaction from those who engaged. Central to its early success was the ability of Master Trainers to engage directly with participants at any point, meaning every participant retains the all-important one-to-one feedback that reaffirms the credibility of the certification that follows. 

Given the scepticism that accompanies any new such methods of training, that credibility is key, and is what enables people to engage in the safe knowledge that their learning platform is being managed effectively, by experts, and in a way that enables them to match and exceed the expectations of those attending alternative, or live courses. 

Amidst the uncertainty that is quickly enveloping the globe, online training as an accessible, viable and credible way of enhancing education, business and lifestyle prospects could very well be the spark that ignites the light at the end of the tunnel.        

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