Certified Instructor Spotlight: Ali Thompson

Ali’s Instagram handle: @alifitnessedinburgh

“Since completing the Hatton Boxing Fundamentals and Advanced course in Edinburgh, Ali has now gone full time with his personal training, here’s a little more about him..”

Name? – Ali Thomson

Where or how did you complete the course? – I completed my course in Edinburgh with the amazing Kevin Wright coaching us.

Who is your favourite boxer? – My Favourite boxer has to be Vasiliy Lomachenko.

Why did you pick Hatton Boxing? –  I chose to do the Hatton course as I wanted to add another string to my bow as a personal trainer. I wanted to learn how to build challenging and fun combinations for my clients.

Southpaw or Orthodox? – Orthodox

Describe your experience/course in 3 words? –Fun / Informative / Rewarding

Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson-  Muhammad Ali

One thing you have learnt from the course? – One thing I learned from the course is how to build fun but challenging combinations that flow together nicely keeping my clients engaged and showing continuous improvement.

What was your dream job as a child? –When I was wee I always wanted to be a footballer. 

How have you utilised your skills since attending/completing the course? – I am now a full time personal trainer with 90% of my clients wanting to focus on boxing in their sessions. I run 2 weekly Hatton Boxing classes at the UOE Pleasance Sports Complex and Gym. I am also a coach at Leith Victoria AAC the oldest boxing gym in the country where I get to help the next generation of champions! The Hatton course gave me the confidence to turn my passion of boxing into a career. Getting paid to do what you love and help people is an absolute privilege.

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